CS:GO Betting Tips (29/04/2019)

Windigo vs Tricked

This series is set to be exciting with both teams being very close to each other in terms of level they can perform at. Windigo is a bit higher ranked recently just due to their good results but in terms of straight of statistics, Tricked has better win-rate and has won 16-11 vs Windigo the past 2 matches these teams have met.

In the past matches it’s clear that Windigo did not do their homework properly before they started the matches but as they need more points in Loot.bet Season 2, they will definitely do all they can to win this match.

Map Prediction:
Windigo Ban – Inferno
Tricked Ban – Overpass
Windigo Pick – Mirage
Tricked Pick – Dust 2
Leftover Train / Nuke

Bet Recommendation:
Windigo Match Winner
Mirage – Windigo Round Handicap (-3.5)

ex-3DMAX vs Virtus.pro

This will be a very even match, however with both teams performing at a pretty low level it probably won’t be the most exciting match played today. ex-3DMAX has won the past 2 times these teams have met however that was in a best-of-one scenario.

The map to be played will be the indication of who has the best chance of winning. On paper it is ex-3DMAX though.

Map Prediction:
Let’s be real. It will probably end up being Nuke or Mirage.

Bet Recommendation:
Recommended to live-bet this one. It’s very unpredictable. If you need to place a bet before the game starts, a small bet on Virtus.pro will probably be valuable as the odds are good for them.

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