It’s not easy to find the right place to bet on esports. Here you can find the best esport betting sites and choose the one that suites your needs!

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The Best Esports Odds

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Esport Betting – One of the fastest growing betting markets in the world

Esport is basically video-games in a form of competition. And with the esport industry booming around 2014, there is no doubt esport betting would follow closely. Esport betting sites has been popping up one after another following the success of a few, so it’s been hard to find the right place to place your bets on esports.

EsportOffers.net was made to make this easier for everyone. Have a lot of offers, bonuses and campaigns in one place, so it’s up to you to choose what suits you the best.

Top Esports Betting Sites


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Our favorite esport betting sites


What Is Esports?

Esports, also known as electronic sports, is simply video-games played in a competitive environment, much like traditional sports. There isn’t really any specific limit to which games can become an esport, but mainstream games where the goal is to beat another person, or group of people is definitely a good start to an esport area. Around year 2000, esports were in it’s early phases, where people fought for a few soda’s or snacks, but looking at the progress it has made since then, it’s a completely different world. It only took around 10 more years, before esports could fill stadiums, where players would fight for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

With the rise in popularity of the new “sport”, betting on matches played between the various game titles became very popular. Betting on these games has existed for a long time, but not until now is when we have seen a new era of sportsbetting. From platforms completely dedicated to esports betting, to traditional sportsbook betting platforms accepting the new trend, and bringing in esports as a popular way of betting.

Esport Markets

Within all the matches played, there are markets, which are basically events for the specific match you can bet on. This can be a variety of things from match winner, to who will kill drake. In the top games, you usually find more than 53 markets available for the game, while on the lower ones, you might just have the match winner market available.

Because all the different sites offers different market availability, it’s important to find a site that offers exactly the markets you like to bet on. If you want some tips on which markets are popular for expert punters, here are a few.

Popular CS:GO Markets
– Match Winner
– Map Winner
– Round Handicap (See our guide on what round handicap is here)
– Map Handicap
– Player with most ADR

Popular League of Legends Markets
– Match Winner
– Map Winner
– First Blood
– Kill Handicap

Popular Dota 2 Markets
– Match Winner
– Map Winner
– Map Handicap
– First Blood
– First Roshan Kill

Choosing The Right Esport Betting Site

It’s not as simple as choosing any site. Every site has something different to them. If you’re looking for superior live betting, or maybe you’re after a really good bonus, all the different sites offer something different. We take a look at everything that play a big role when choosing the right place, and roll it up in a short review, so you can know everything you need.

When putting together topics for reviews, we take a look at things like:

  • Bonuses
  • Game Offering
  • Odds Offering
  • User Friendly
  • Payment Methods
  • Accepted Countries

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